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Our Goals

Do Good

Blessings in life are meant to be shared. Acts of kindness are universal statements that we care about people and want to spread love for a better tomorrow and a better world. Our goal is to do good and show that kindness still exists.


Tracking the path of a Love Fund card shows just how far one good deed can go. It also shows us that each of us is connected to each other and that the actions we take today, affect others' lives tomorrow. This community is meant to unite people and help make long-lasting friendships.


It is our mission to show love is in every country in the world. To do this, Jennie is traveling all over the world and will be doing random acts of kindness for strangers along the way. Each story will be shared on YouTube to help spread the love everywhere.

One good deed can spark a movement.

Love Fund Card

A card designed to inspire and track random acts of kindness.
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Global Love Fund is on a mission to inspire and reward acts of kindness.
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